What Does a Compliance Specialist Do?

Can assess, interpret and advise on your existing risk management policies, procedures and structures to enhance legal compliance.
Work with the organization in understanding and addressing various legal and business risks as a result of potential non-compliance.
Can  advise you on the legal implications of being ignorant to the risks of social networking and update existing policies.

Why do YOU Need a Compliance Specialist?

Jeanetha’s general background comprising Law, Risk Management and Ethical Risk, enables her to provide advice following an integrated approach.
Clients can be assisted by assessing their risk framework within the guidelines of regulatory compliance they are seeking, as well as adding value from the broader Risk-Based Approach, and with her experience and training in Business Ethics these equip her to understand the underlying cultural problems which may lead to other problems, including insufficient commitment by staff to work towards compliance.

About Us

Jeanetha Brink Consulting has been assisting a wide variety of business clients with legal regulatory compliance, risk reviews, legal due diligence procedures and legal advice. Jeanetha is an advocate of the High Court and can assist you from start to finish, even if it means you have to take the matter to Court.
Jeanetha’s 30 years of experience in Law, Risk Management and Ethical Risk, enables her to provide advice following an integrated approach. This means that she will assess your legal situation, advise you on risks identified and her expansive practical knowledge of Applied Business Ethics enables her to understand potentially underlying problems in your business that may expose you to legal risks such as fraud and dishonest behavior by staff.

Service Offering

Understand that compliance and ethics is not the same thing. Lack of ethics can lead to non-compliance but sometimes non-compliance is as a result of not understanding risk or ignoring an identified risk. Furthermore, depending on the industry that you are in, the level of non-compliance or potential illegal or unethical behaviour, you can be exposed to a variety of legal risks. This can include civil litigation, administrative penalties, reputational risk, etc. Maybe you are not concerned about your legal exposure but want to gain a higher level of assurance with your clients or potential clients?

JBC can assist you in this regard, in various ways:

Risk Reviews: measure quality control and compliance against Industry standards or regulatory requirements

Legal Due Diligence: obtain peace of mind on legal and eligibility checks for a potential client

Integrity assessments: understand your legal risks against the backdrop of ethical codes and codes of conduct, and particularly risks of non-compliance which could expose your business to a variety of legal and business risks

Quality Control: assess the current policies, procedures and structures already in place and advise on efficiency and making recommendations for improvement if necessary